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Yo what the fuck happened to Keaton Henson that his songs are perfectly suited to a show about traumatized queer zombies in a bleak post-apocalyptic rural northern english village i s2g keaton r u okay

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HabitRPG + Back-To-School Tip

Don’t get carried away making too many to-dos! It feels productive, but it isn’t. I set large projects (eg., essays, presentations) as to-dos, but not for small things like “decide on a thesis” or “take notes”. Instead, I make a daily of “study for x amount of time” and set a timer. It helps me to stay on-task during that time, because I can see an end to the task, and I can look forward to rewarding myself once I finish!

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August Man - A Portrait Featuring Wentworth Miller Screencaps

Screencaps are unedited 1920x1080 .jpgs. Feel free to use for graphics/icons/gifs/etc., but please credit back to this post or my tumblr, thanks!

gallery | .zip (19.6MB) | link to video

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Inescapable Devotion by halfshellvenus (A Michael/Lincoln Ship Manifesto)

I’ve noticed a sad lack of PB slash on tumblr. And in light of recent casting news, and the shipping that will inevitably happen, I thought I’d leave this here for other Wentworth and Dominic fans / potential Michael/Lincoln shippers.

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Fun picture, but geez, those are some ugly pants, Wentworth.

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THE FLASH’s Andrew Kreisberg on the PRISON BREAK Reunion: It Was Wentworth Miller’s Idea!

It was actually Wentworth’s idea … there are references to Heat Wave in that first episode, and Wentworth said, “You know, if you’re looking for a Heat Wave, I’d love to work with Dominic again.”
And the interviewer keeps referring to Captain Cold and Heat Wave as a “pairing”, and I JUST CAN’T OK?!
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Made for the artpaperscissor challenge for the prompt of “lost”.

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'The Flash' Stages 'Prison Break' Reunion !


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that feeling when you listen to a song with good heaphones for the first time and suddenly you notice 7 new instruments, a child singing harmonies in the background, and you’re just sitting there wide eyed and in love with the song all over again

Anonymous ASKED:
you should start a michael/lincoln appreciation week would be awesome x'D


oooooo this is a good idea, but I think if we did an appreciation week it would probably be for the whole of Prison Break - I think it’d be best to make it as broad as possible, considering the fandom is so small on here! 

If you guys think a Prison Break Appreciation Week would be a fun idea (or if you would get involved with it), please let us know and we could consider organizing one some time :) 

Yesssssss this would be amazing! If/when (hopefully when!) you start this, I can also do promo and get people on LiveJournal involved!

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